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Measures for the Administration of Entertainment Venues (2022 Revision)


  • Measures for the Administration of Entertainment Venues

  • 娱乐场所管理办法

  • Article 1 To strengthen the administration of the business operations of entertainment venues, maintain the healthy development thereof, and meet the cultural and entertainment consumption needs of the general public, these Measures are made pursuant to the Regulation on the Administration of Entertainment Venues (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulation”).
  •   第一条 为了加强娱乐场所经营活动管理,维护娱乐场所健康发展,满足人民群众文化娱乐消费需求,根据《娱乐场所管理条例》(以下简称《条例》),制定本办法。
  • Article 2 For the purpose of this Regulation, the term “entertainment venues” refers to for-profit singing, dancing and amusement places open to the general public for the self-entertainment of consumers. Singing and dancing places refer to business premises where accompaniment and songs on-demand services are provided or business premises where dancing music and dancing floors are provided; amusement places refer to business premises where game and amusement services are provided through game and amusement devices.
  •   第二条 《条例》所称娱乐场所,是指以营利为目的,向公众开放、消费者自娱自乐的歌舞、游艺等场所。歌舞娱乐场所是指提供伴奏音乐、歌曲点播服务或者提供舞蹈音乐、跳舞场地服务的经营场所;游艺娱乐场所是指通过游戏游艺设备提供游戏游艺服务的经营场所。
  • Other venues concurrently providing the above-mentioned entertainment services shall be governed by these Measures.
  • 其他场所兼营以上娱乐服务的,适用本办法。
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